My Inner Wolf

Collaborative worldbuilding

If You Are Not There Where Are You?

This question is central to a research among young people with absence epilepsy in collaboration with artists. Together they try to find language for the experience of absence during an absence.

To read more about this project by dutch documentary director Maartje Nevejan click here.

Maartje asked us to make an online tool for everyone to make them think about their 'Inner Wolf' and promote the project 'Are you There' on the side.

By shaping your own ‘Inner Wolf’ you contribute to the growth of a language for something very elusive but very normal ➝ ‘not being there for a moment’.

Documentation video

My Inner Wolf is a tool for mapping our inner world sharing the same underlying technology as we used for NeuHaus

It's a one minute animated collage, an endlessly repeating loop of an involuntary transition from a friendly domestic space to our deepest, darkest fears. The loop is art-directed by the photography of our visitors, and every iteration of the loop new submissions are used to make up the imagery.

If you feel like creating a personal version of ‘My Inner Wolf’ with only your own photography there is a prominent button to start with an empty loop. This will also function as a tool for doctors and experience experts to be able to discuss the nature of an absence seizure.


Since people keep contributing more and more photographs, more and more versions of My Inner Wolf are coming to life. The longer you watch the more Inner Wolfs you will see.

Its nice to see that some contributions really change the whole vibe of the film.

Four versions