The One Minutes

Identity for experimental video platform

The One Minutes is a place for artists to produce and present short films within the inexorable limit of 60 seconds. Each month, the organisation invites a guest artist to conceive and curate a series of one minute films.

We were asked to design the new identity and website for the 15 year old experimental video platform. We chose the format of the cinematic trailer to be central in the communication. Every month, we create a new trailer for the latest series of one minute films.

Cinematic Trailers

Taking inspiration from Apple's iMovie Trailer feature, we developed a kind of trailer template which allows us to easily make a montage of the very diverse material.

The trailers are cut tightly to a one second rhythm, interspersed by stark typography. Each trailer has its own soundtrack, which is created by mixing 12 layers of music.

Nightmares Of The Sun

Mega Armageddon Death (Long version)


Make Being Radical Again

Videos Without Ideas

Enjoy your file, download your life

After the Arab Spring بعد الربيع العربي

ECO VS EGO Healing Videos

Ways of Something

Nyau Cinema

Communication with the Non-Human

The Pack – Impressions from Our Family


  • Typography
    Kasper Pyndt