To Be Continued

Experiencing time in a digital age

To Be Continued is a theatrical installation about time perception in a digital age.

Our digital age has brought significant acceleration. We can access everything we want to know in nanoseconds, connect with anyone anyone and create whole worlds. It gives the impression that we have 'time' on our side.

Because we want to use our time as efficiently as possible, technological development is often focused on accelerating processes. It is the same technology that gives us the idea that we do not have to wait, but as Lynn Berger aptly puts it ➝ Everything is moving faster, but we are still waiting just as much. Based on the realization that digital technology has so much impact on the experience of time, we play with the same digital technology and use it to reflect on our relationship with it.

In this theatrical installation there are no actors, but a bot plays the leading role. When you reserve a ticket, you will immediately meet the protagonist of this installation. Via Telegram you come into contact with a bot that needs your input for its digital performance on location. To Be Continued is a cocktail of traditional theatre, a chatbot and a audiovisual performance on location with immersive animation and music inspired by the world of interfaces, apps and preloaders.

In collaboration with Nineties, video artist Noralie and musician/producer Philipp Thimm.

14-21 May 2023, Amsterdam Noord
Link to Telegram Chat Bot


  • Concept
    Noralie and Moniker
  • Directors
    Yannick Noomen and Noortje van den Eijnde
  • Bot scenario
    Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters
  • Digital development
    Thomas Boland
  • Music
    Philipp Johann Thimm
  • Scenography
    Julian Maiwald
  • Technical producer
    Bart van Bokhoven
  • Producer
    Merel Hobrink
  • Creative producer
    Vevi van der Vliet
  • Co-producers
  • Marketing
    Letice Braun
  • Press
    Annabella Rijksen