To Be Continued

Experiencing time in a digital age

To Be Continued is a theatrical installation about time perception in a digital age.

Our digital age has accelerated life to no end. We can access anything we want to know, interact with anyone, and get things done in just a matter of nanoseconds. With technology we try to bring the future closer, but can technology also help humans to be in the now?

To Be Continued is a theatrical audiovisual production with technology itself as the main role and without a single actor. The moment you buy your ticket, you will meet the protagonist of this installation; a bot on Telegram in need of your input for its digital performance on site. The days prior to the show the bot intrudes into the lives of the visitors, trying to understand their perceptions on time and philosophizing on their answers. While questioning what it is for human beings ‘to be in the now’, what it is to be bound to place and time, it prepares itself for its coming out as the embodiment of counter efficient tech.

During the experience, the bot transforms into abstraction and uses visuals and sound to explore the visitor’s ambiguous relation with technology and time, while radically presenting the present moment.

To Be Continued highlights how modern-day digital culture and technology affect our interactions with time and makes it tangible through an on-site digital performance. The fusion of various digital media and technologies create an immersive time experience, set against fully electronically generated music inspired by the world of interfaces, apps and preloaders.

In collaboration with Nineties, video artist Noralie and musician/producer Philipp Thimm.

Selected for a Golden Calf of the Dutch Film Festival.

Documentation experience

To Be Continued – a theatrical installation about perception of time in a digital age.

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  • 'To Be Continued' is a bold AI-powered theatre production


  • Concept
    Noralie and Moniker
  • Directors
    Yannick Noomen and Noortje van den Eijnde
  • Bot scenario
    Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters
  • Digital development
    Thomas Boland
  • Music
    Philipp Johann Thimm
  • Scenography
    Julian Maiwald
  • Technical producer
    Bart van Bokhoven
  • Producer
    Merel Hobrink
  • Creative producer
    Vevi van der Vliet
  • Co-producers
  • Marketing
    Letice Braun
  • Press
    Annabella Rijksen