Het Nieuwe Instituut

Website for cultural institute

Het Nieuwe Instituut represents architecture, design and e-culture. Amongst other things it organises exhibitions, lectures, debates, research projects and manages and provides access to cultural heritage.

Because of this very wide array of activities and subjects, we questioned the importance of one single homepage. Instead, we proposed that each project should be able to create its own website and domain name.

The design of the website is based on the graphic identity by Maureen Mooren, which was designed to actively involve other designers in the projects organised by the institute.

We continued this approach for the website. Because the institute also represents e-culture, we proposed that each project should have a window covering interactive cover designed by different interactive and graphic designers.

Temporary Fashion Museum

We designed the digital campaign for the Temporary Fashion Museum exhibition with Maureen Mooren. We were assisted by Severin Bunse and Niklaus Mettler.

We recorded a series of Photoshop performances, where a model's clothing is being painted and transformed digitally.

Play the Facebook trailers above

Archive Interpretations

The cover we designed for the New Archive Interpretations research project, started counting on the 2nd of November, 2015.

The covers slowly counts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will keep doing so until it is finally taken offline.

Interactive Covers

Watch a compilation movie of the different interactive covers above or visit them yourself below.